Explore What Else Is Possible with Access Consciousness facilitators during a special event streamed live online from Noosa, Australia on December 5th!

A Day Long Event with Four Special Classes for Only $250

It’s never too late or too early to create your life.
Have you ever taken a look around you and wondered, “Is this it? Is this all there is to life?”

Do you desire change?

The Access Consciousness Specialty Programs are different classes that each use the tools of Access Consciousness to empower you to change any area of your life.

Introducing a 1-Day Special Event featuring 4 Specialty Program Classes

December 5, 2017

Put the Fun Back in Business – 9:30am (AES)
Facilitated by Simone Milasas

Most people don’t see any joy in business, let alone have fun… what if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?

Right Voice for You – 11:15am (AES)
Facilitated by Christopher Hughes

What if you explored what your world might be like without continuous judgment and critiquing of you?

The Adventure of Being You – 2:30pm (AES)
Facilitated by Lauren Marie & Heather Nichols

Is now the time to be what and who you actually came here to be?

Right Riches for You – 4:00pm (AES)
Facilitated by Rebecca & Margie Hulse

What if you could change your point of view about money – and by doing so, change everything?

About the Facilitators

Simone Milasas
Joy of Business Facilitator and Trainer

Simone is the founder of Joy of Business, Worldwide Coordinator for Access Consciousness and the author of JOY OF BUSINESS (currently available in 11 languages) and Amazon #1 Bestseller GETTING OUT OF DEBT JOYFULLY.

Christopher Hughes
Right Voice for You Facilitator and Trainer

Christopher Hughes is the Managing Director of The Antique Guild, the National Vice-president of The Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association and a Right Voice for You Facilitator Trainer.

Lauren Marie
Being You Adventure Facilitator

Lauren Marie is a Being You facilitator, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and mother of young twins. She travels worldwide with her babies, facilitating classes and changing her clients’ point of view about life, health and business.

Heather Nichols
Being You Adventure Facilitator

Heather Nichols is an Access Consciousness facilitator as well as a Joy of Business, Being You, and X-Men facilitator and mom of two amazing boys.  One of her favorite things is to see people discover that they can truly create anything they desire in their lives – and have fun doing it!

Rebecca Hulse
Right Riches for You Advanced Facilitator

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker, Right Riches for You Facilitator and possibility-maker. She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, event organiser and consultant, who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients.

Margie Hulse
Right Riches for You Advanced Facilitator

Margie Hulse is a business strategist, creator, coach, and a Right Riches for You Facilitator. Margie boasts over 20 years of experience in helping others level-up their lives.


Streamed live online or in person at:

Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas
33A Viewland Drive
Noosa, Queensland

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Tanya Bothams | tanya.bothams@gmail.com
Sarah Watt | sarahwatt@accessconsciousness.com
Rebecca Hulse | rebeccahulse@accessconsciousness.com
Lauren Marie | lauren@accessconsciousness.com