Maggie Schlarb is a Joy of Business facilitator and an Access Consciousness facilitator, amongst many other things.

One of the first things she does when she starts her day is to scan her body and say hi, ask who she is today, and ask what adventures she can get up to.

By asking what else is possible and asking what adventures she can go on, ordinary tasks are made fun.

In this episode of What Else Is Possible, Maggie talks about turning a hobby into a business, and why business is better when she treats her body like it’s her best friend.

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On today’s podcast:.

  • If you’re alive, you’re in business
  • Discovering Access Consciousness
  • Tools which changed Maggie’s point of view
  • Honoring and trusting your body
  • Learning to love your body


Looking after your body can make a world of difference to your life and to your business. Honor, trust and be grateful for your body, and it has a dynamic effect on joy, ease, and growth of business.

Listen to this episode of What Else Is Possible, where Maggie Schlarb explains why treating her body like her bestie changed everything.

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