Before Leah Gullion discovered Access Consciousness, she’d always had pets but had never acknowledged the capacities they had.

She has seen animals change people’s worlds in so many ways. They invite us to so much and contribute so much that we don’t even acknowledge.

Leah tells us that when she first acknowledged their contributions she asked them to show her when they were communicating, and it changed everything.

In this episode of What Else Is Possible, we talk about the Access Consciousness tools Leah has used to change her life, and how they recreate her relationships with her dogs every day.

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On today’s podcast:

  • How Leah found Access Consciousness
  • How does it get any better than this?
  • Creating the best life you can imagine
  • Choosing the energy
  • Destroying and uncreating energies


The Access Consciousness tools can change your life. Leah Gullion knows how true this is, as they’ve not only changed her life but her son’s too.

She talks about how she discovered Access Consciousness, how she uses the tools with her son and her dogs, and the questions she asks the universe every day.

Get all the tools and tips from this interview in one free download: E003 How Does It Get Any Better Than This? with Leah Gullion

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