In this episode of What Else Is Possible, we talk to Samantha Lewis on her journey from a massage therapist to an Access Consciousness facilitator, and how touch links the two.

When she found Access Consciousness, she knew that there was a way of touch which could bring something different to someone’s body.

As a massage therapist, she would go out into the corporate world and massage clients in their workplace. Now, she teaches Access Consciousness bars classes and explains to us what you can create with touch.

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On today’s podcast:

  • What else is possible with touch and massage?
  • How the energy shows up
  • What is Access Consciousness bars?
  • Opening up and receiving more
  • The Being You Adventures


Samantha Lewis was a massage therapist and knew that there was something more when it came to touch.

When she discovered Access Consciousness, she learned that bars can have a huge impact on the relaxed state of the receiver. In this episode, she tells us what bars are, and why they can have such an effect on someone.

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