What do you expect from your life?

Why not choose to fly first class on every occasion? Brazilian Access Consciousness facilitator Déborah Azevedo shares her amazing journey from earning less than $100/month to becoming a Bar Facilitator and traveling all over the world.

On today’s podcast:

  • How to find yourself again
  • Déborah’s amazing story in her own words
  • Fly first class in life


Find out Brazilian Access Consciousness facilitator Déborah Azevedo’s incredible rags to riches story!

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How to find yourself again

When Déborah first found Access Consciousness, she was very lost in her professional life. She was also feeling very bad emotionally, and financially she was a mess. She was seeking something to get her out of depression. She felt that she had lost herself and that she didn’t know how she can find herself again.

When she discovered the Access Consciousness tools, Déborah felt full of energy again. She wanted to share this energy with the world, so she chose to become a Bar Facilitator.

After her first Foundation class, Déborah could see things differently. She could reconnect with the Déborah of before, the Déborah she was not even aware of. She now sees herself as an infinite being and she feels that she can create anything.

Here is a part of her story in her own words.

Déborah’s amazing story in her own words

In 2016 during my first CF (Florence) my reality was very different. After my first Foundation, in 4 months I created all the money to go to the CF. I was happy because for me was just amazing!

It was my first live class. I did not know anyone. I felt very small. My lunch was the bread and cheese I picked up for breakfast and drank tap water. I did not eat dinner.

My goal was to arrive in Japan to fulfill my pre reqs in being a BYCF. I already had the ticket, but I still had not created all the money to get to Japan. But, I was willing to do whatever it took to be able to pay for my class.

At the time I said to myself: I will offer to clean streets of Rome to be able to pay for the BY class in Tokyo! I was willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES I would go from Rome to Japan, so I would stay another week because I had a special ticket and had to wait in Rome … I asked my friends to find me clients and I gave Bar classes and body process in Rome. Finally, I had the Money to pay for my class… 🙂


I was very proud to have been able to create all the money in just 4 months! It was like.. I have done all of it, Do I still want more?

At that time I had traveled in cold clothes borrowed from some friends. I had only one pair of sneakers that I used the whole CF and BYCF…

The heat was coming and I did not have fresh clothes. It started to heat up, I was sweating and I did not have the money to buy clothes … Then a friend of mine said: Deborah, go to H & M. There are cheap clothes there. I asked the price and she said 40 euros! I almost fainted!

I wanted something cheaper. Then someone said, “Go to Porta Portese” which is a street where people sell used clothes. So I asked, “What’s the price of the clothes?” They told me: 1 or 2 euros … WOW !!! My being expanded and I thought: “THAT’S IS FOR ME !!” I WAS SO HAPPY!!!

I went to the fair. Arriving there I came across horrible clothes and the 1 euro clothes were those that seemed to have been intercepted from the donations to the refugees. I walked under the sun, sweating and the desperation and impotence were taking care of my being. I could not change my clothes, I ran into those horrible things and then it was my first awareness about …


I said Déborah, you made money just to pay for the classes. Your choice is not to buy in PRADA, but to buy clothes for 1 euro!

So I started to do the following process: WHAT CHOICES CAN I CHOOSE TO BUY ON PRADA?

Upon arriving in Japan a person who went there to do the BY (I had met her at BYCF in Florence), we were very close. She seemed to have no money problems. Then I realized that at restaurant she was just looking at the left side of the menu. She didn’t look the right side of the menu. And I just looked at the right side of the menu!!! 🙂

So I created the following process:


Well, those are some stories that are part of my story. It’s just a story. Doesn’t define me.

I have a theory… Access is for people who would like to fly first class. Not only fly. Fly first class. Fly first class in life.

Our choices are: fly first class or just fly? Just make enough money to pay for each class or have no money problem?

What are we choosing? Who and what are we willing to be? What reality are willing to create and invite people?

My choice is first class. What’s YOUR choice? What if we don’t allow ourselves to stop ourselves?

We have the tools to create a phenomenal first class life! 🙂 We are GIANTS. We are an INFINITE Being

Yes, WE CAN! We have those fucking amazing tools to create any reality we choose. As Gary says, is just a choice.


  1. Yes, I will write a book with all those experiences and the choices I made to self-overcome. No one will stop me. Not even myself!