What if there was a different possibility with grief?

Today we are joined by Wendy Mulder, an Access Consciousness facilitator and author of two books about living beyond grief. 

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Listen to learn how to let go of the control this reality is so focused on, have gratitude and acceptance for loved ones who are dying, and to discover the different choices and possibilities that are available with your grief and loss. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Wendy’s background and how she found Access
  • Why she wrote her first book
  • What does it mean to have ease with grief and dying?
  • Grief, dying, and letting go of control
  • An invitation to come out of the control cave: dealing with grief after a loved one has died
  • Dying Happy, the Gift of Choice
  • Different choices are available with grief


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Find out how to have ease with grief and dying. 

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