On today’s podcast, Megan talks to Lauren Marie about how she found Access Consciousness. Lauren was an Acupuncturist with her own practice and wellness center, and was always drawn to certain points on the head but didn’t know why.

She had one client who did coaching for her, and one day she came in and was completely different. She’d been to an Access Consciousness class.

Lauren knew she needed to know more about it. She went to her first bars class, knew she had to be there and loved it. She started running bars on her patients. Everything changed and she just wanted more.

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On today’s podcast:

  • Using bars and becoming a facilitator
  • Life doesn’t always show up in the way you think it will
  • Shopping for your reality
  • What else is possible?
  • Conscious Parents Conscious Kids


Lauren Marie was an Acupuncturist when she found Access Consciousness and says everything changed when she started using the techniques.

On this podcast, Megan and Lauren discuss using bars, how life can show up in different ways, and they talk about Conscious Parents Conscious Kids, the class which Lauren runs.

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