In the first episode of the What Else Is Possible Show, Megan Hill is joined by her Access Consciousness colleague Curry Glassell.

Megan describes Curry as one of the most phenomenal creators in the world, and Curry puts it down to being the question “what else is possible?”.

This question can change your whole day. When there is drama or trauma, you can get to enthusiasm and possibility to get out of it a lot easier. If you have a problem, know what you can change it.

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On today’s podcast:

  • Asking the questions to reset your day
  • Realizing that you are the source of creation with your life
  • Being acknowledged as a person
  • It’s never too late or too early to create your life
  • Right Riches For You


In the first episode of What Else Is Possible, Curry Glassell talks to Megan Hill about asking the Access Consciousness questions to live your best life possible.

“What else is possible?” and “how does it get any better than this?” are tools which have transformed lives, and can help you too.

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