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The What Else Is Possible Show is an Access Consciousness Podcast for people who are intensely curious, never satisfied and always looking for more in life.

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What Is Access Consciousness?

It’s a worldwide movement that all started with the question “What else is possible here?”. It is a different point of view about life, inviting you to question everything, know that you know and to change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. Sound fun? Go here to learn more.

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The X-Men Part 1

Have you ever been judged for having autism or OCD? Have you ever even judged and blamed yourself? Access Consciousness facilitator and X-Men teacher Diva Diaz thinks you should look at your disorder as an X-Men capability, instead of a disability. [content_upgrade...

How To Change Corporate Culture With Questions

Are you tired of the rigidity of corporate culture? What if you could function from a place of joy in business? Join us for a talk with Access Consciousness facilitator Marnie Barranco, who shares incredible tools for ensuring a healthy, possibility-filled corporate...

When Life Doesn’t Go The Way You Want

Are you trying to get pregnant and not succeeding? Access Consciousness facilitator Cara Wright went through the same thing and discovered an unexpected freedom in the end. Want to find out more? Tune in now! Download all the tools from...

Meet the Host

In 2009,  Megan Hill found Access Consciousness when she went looking for “What else is possible?” She was 27 years old and on paper she had everything she was supposed to have to be happy.  However, behind the scenes it was a different story. She was waking up depressed and anxious nearly every day. Doctors diagnosed her as someone who would likely deal with depression and anxiety for the rest of her life.

When she found Access Consciousness, she was delighted to find out that she wasn’t as fucked up as she thought she was. In fact, it was quite the opposite, she realized there was more right about her than she had ever imagined.

Now she travels the world working with Access Consciousness and one of her favorite things to do is talk to people about possibilities in action. This show is that in motion. What tools are people using and how are they using them? What stories of change are out there that the world needs to hear? What else is possible that we haven’t considered?